TeamSpeak Version

Der TeamSpeak Server wurde auf die Version aktualisiert. Das umfangreiche Changelog der 3.0.11.x Serie findet ihr hier:

=== Server Release 15 dec 2014
– fixed possible deadlock in server query
– fixed a mariadb/mysql db creation issue
– fixed a mariadb/mysql performance issue
– fixed a server query crash

=== Server Release 15 oct 2014
– Small accounting fix

=== Server Release 3.0.11 30 sep 2014
! Starting this release, TS3 servers will not support the Mac OSX PowerPC architecture.
! Starting this release the Windows version of the server requires an SSE2 capable CPU.
! Starting 3.0.12 (next release), TS3 server won’t support OSX 10.6 or lower.
! Starting this release, the MySQL database plugin has been replaced by a MariaDB plugin. Please
read doc/update_mysql_to_mariadb.txt for instructions on how to update. Also note the default
character set for the database is now ‚utf8mb4‘, which means the server needs to be at least
MySQL 5.5.3 or MariaDB 5.5 .
! When a new database is created, we will be using a few extra defaults for the Guest Server Query
group. Permissions for existing databases will be left untouched.
The new defaults for the Guest Server Query group should prevent the Server Query from being
abused with spam. The extra permissions are:
* b_channel_join_permanent = false, negate = true, skip = true
* b_channel_join_semi_permanent = false, negate = true, skip = true
* b_channel_join_temporary = false, negate = true, skip = true
* b_channel_create_permanent = false, negate = true, skip = true
* b_channel_create_semi_permanent = false, negate = true, skip = true
* b_channel_create_temporary = false, negate = true, skip = true
* b_client_server_textmessage_send = false, negate = true, skip = true
* b_client_channel_textmessage_send = false, negate = true, skip = true
* b_client_offline_textmessage_send = false, negate = true, skip = true
* i_client_private_textmessage_power = -1, negate = true, skip = true
* i_client_poke_power = -1, negate = true, skip = true
! If only 1 serveradmin is logged into the query, this serveradmin can select any server (use)
regardless of the client limit.
! The „Wan IP“ feature of the windows server has been removed as it does not work any more.
If you want to know your wan ip address, use an existing free service like
+ Updated ip2location database
+ Better checking and better error message for errors with query white/blacklists.
– Fixed crash relating to invalid ip addresses on FreeBSD.
– Fixed a possible crash during client connect.
– Fixed channel event notifications stop working after a while.
– Fixed query logins getting permissions on other virtual servers.
– Fixed crash when deleting complaints.
– Fixed issue where clients were not deleted from the database after dbclientkeepdays when
connecting several TS3 servers to the same database with different dbclientkeepdays values.
– The server instance no longer starts copies of virtual servers.
– Guest ServerQuery user now always has default server query group, even while using a virtual
– Instance server group permissions now honor the negate flag.
– Temporary passwords and tokens(privilege keys) of a client are deleted when the client is deleted
from the database.
– Complaints of and about a client are deleted when the client is deleted from the database.
– Fixed possible server hang with query connections.
– restart now works with parameters.
– does a better test for FreeBSD.