About us

meatfactory.net is a community of computer enthusiasts, who all share the same interest in their collective hobby: online multiplayer gaming. All this started with the [TFB]-Clan, who have been organising LAN parties for 15 years, but also started playing online since 1999, when broadband internet connections became widely available. Today our servers in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) attract hundreds of gamers from all over Europe every day.


Our aim is to provide the best possible gaming experience for various game titles which offer a decent multiplayer mode. After playing on several servers provided by different hosts, clans or communities, we discovered that the only way to play games according to our own ideas of what multiplayer online gaming should be like, was to operate our own game servers, individually configured to meet our personal needs.

This concept was realized in several game servers and it turned out to be really successful. The meatfactory.net gameserver community is the communication platform where all players can meet and get to know each other in order to exchange ideas and experiences about gaming and other topics among each other.


This community is powered by the most sophisticated and technologically advanced equipment available on the market. Our current platform is a cloud-based system with sclable performance according to our needs.

Apart from using high end hardware equipment one of the most important issues for a sucessful gameserver operation is a reliable high quality internet connection. The meatfactory.net gameservers are connected to the internet via a multi-carrier uplink to ensure low latency connections and the best possible gaming experience for everyone.